Disappointed by your scratch ticket promo result?

 Get your promo exactly right with custom-printed, App-enabled pull-tab tickets.

Our Products


Shown below is our selection of standard ticket sizes and window configurations available for immediate manufacture.

1-Window Jumbo with Perforation

3″ x 6″

2-Window Jumbo with Perforation

3″ x 7.5″

5-Window Bottle Neck Hanger

2.166″ x 6.1″

2-Mixed Window with Perforation

3″ x 5″


1.875″ x 3.875″

or 1.75″ x 3.75″

3-Jumbo Window

1.875″ x 3.875″


1.875″ x 3.875″


1.75″ x 3.1″

or 1.875″ x 3.1″



1.875″ x 2.625″


Up to 12 Windows

5.5″ x 4″


Up to 20 Windows

8.5″ x 5.5″


What we offer


Custom, clean pull-tab design

Better, instant customer uptake than with scratch tickets


The AGi difference starts with the product we put in your customer’s hands. With 25 years of print experience, AGi built its business on the superior quality of its printed material. From plug-and-play templates that are customizable with your artwork or concept to blank sheets designs in any size or shape you can imagine, AGi can create winning artwork for your game or promotion.

 When it comes to pull tab tickets as a Point of Sale customer engagement piece, no other gaming options gets the same level on instant uptake. Scratch tickets? You have to find a coin and a surface. More often than not, they get stuffed in a pocket to be scratched later- or never. Pull-tab tickets offer instant rewards and instant redemption. Great for customers and great for retailers.

Easy POS Integration

Seamlessly scan, activate and track


AGi has worked with retailers and lottery bodies on promotions of all shapes and sizes. Whether pull-tabs are purchases at the cash, given out as a promotional incentive or placed as hang tags or inserts in products on the shelves, AGi can customize the steps for customers to activate and win.

We can also drive traffic to your online site to boost uptake in customer loyalty programs.

Know just how your game or promotion is performing at any point in time – AGi also gives you the ability to track active prizing and redemption rates in real time.




National lottery-level security features

Double bar code for activation and prizing

Having worked with some of Canada’s largest government lotteries, AGi understands the need for security features and ease of activation at POS. Separate codes activate the initial ticket and redemption. Tickets can also be matched to customer purchase, ensuring no double-dipping or theft. No need to update your existing POS system. AGi tracking system works with a simple scan at the register.

App and web-linked contests

Boost customer loyalty & engagement

AGi know gaming and promotions inside and out. From that first interaction at your POS, we can shape your customer’s engagement by sending them to App or web sits to log their points, redeem prizes or engage in more game play. Don’t have an existing Customer Loyalty App or Program? AGi can build it for you! We’re experts in all aspects of gaming- from printed tickets to gaming kiosks to online contests and prizing.

Choose a complete turnkey promotion package

or simply have AGI handling your printing needs

AGI Ticket Printing services
  • Create your own artwork or let the AGi team bring your concept to life.
  • Choose an existing template or create custom specs.


TURNKEY Promotion Package
  • Creation of artwork and tickets from existing or custom art and custom or template ticket design.
  • Back-end integration and tech support for your existing POS
  • Creation of App- and web-enabled customer loyalty incentives, including online game play
  • Comprehensive results tracking and reporting to modify and target game play and contests.


Scratch vs. Pull Tab: a comparison

For quality artwork and customer engagement, scratch simply doesn’t measure up to pull-tab.

Scratch ticket

Pull Tab ticket

At the counter gameplay


100% printable region


‘5 second’ engagement


POS enabled

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